Monday, January 5, 2009

Handy use for vinegar #37

You can easily remove annoying price tags off glasses, mugs, and dishes with that most handy of green cleaning products - vinegar. Here's the process:
  1. Peel off the price tag. Actually, this step is probably optional.

  2. Lay the item in a shallow bowl of vinegar, with the price tag completely covered by the vinegar. Alternatively, pour vinegar into the item, covering the price tag.

  3. Wait 5 - 10 minutes.

  4. Scratch off the rest of the tag. (This should be extremely easy - if not, set back to soak some more.)

  5. Clean item as usual and rinse.

  6. Vinegar can be reused for some other cleaning project or poured back in your bottle (if you are very skilled or have a funnel!).
  7. Done!


Theresa said...

That is very handy - thanks!

Lewru said...

Is that really #37? :)

Kate@LivingTheFrugalLife said...

Believe it or not, lighter fluid takes sticky tags off really well too. And no, I'm not implying that you light the item on fire and the price tag disappears. Just put some on a cotton ball, and rub the area. When I worked in a book store, we kept a small jar on hand for people who wanted the price tags off before books were wrapped as gifts. Perhaps we should have been using less toxic vinegar all that time. The lighter fluid was fast though. Very fast.