Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Extreme living (arrangements) Part II

One of the sad things about our society today is the emotional and physical isolation. Physically, we are all alone in our little (or big) homes in the suburbs. We travel alone in our cars to and from work, and well, everything else too. We interact at work but don't reveal our true selves. Well, that describes me anyway!

Sometimes, when I am lonely, I think positively about a future in which another likeminded family will live with us. Then there will be 4 adults and 2 kids in this 2000 ft house, which I think is more ecological than just the three of us currently living here. Together the other Frau and I will hang our laundry, wash dishes, cook, garden, preserve food, organize the neighbors into starting their own gardens, and drink a margarita 'round 5 sometimes. We can watch each other's kids when we need some alone time. One of us can stay home when the other needs to run errands. In the evenings we can do jigsaw puzzles, word games, play cards together. Yay! What fun!

Anyone else out there ever lived with another family?

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