Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Extreme living (arrangements)

When the going get tough, the tough get creative.

I have a friend who is extremely athletic, high-energy, and makes a good living. One day, I was telling her about a neat web article featuring a guy who converted his van to a portable house. He calls himself a Vandweller.

She surprised me by telling me how she lived in her van for over a year. She slept in the van in the parking lot of her work, which had showers available. She was constantly on the road so had little need to maintain a permanent living space, which would just have been expensive storage for her stuff. My friend seemed to remember the van fondly.

It just goes to show how you can live on a lot less than you think you need. For desperate, quirky or creative people there are all sorts of strategies you can use to get by.
  1. Think Fight Club. 40 people living bunk style, gardening the land and scavenging goods.
  2. How about house-sitting? You get paid to live in a high style home!
  3. Nannies sometimes live rent-free.
  4. Of course, vandwelling as noted above.
  5. Any type of occupation where you are paid to live in hotels. I.e. consultant. Just volunteer for the out of town jobs - no one else wants them.
  6. Live in a less-expensive region. Rents in OKC/Tulsa are at least half the going rate in other major cities.
  7. Rent a garage or MIL apartment. Be a perfect guest/renter and your rent won't get raised too often.
Well, there's some starter ideas - what are yours?

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