Saturday, March 1, 2008

Bury Me With It

Well as sure as planets come I know that they end

And if I'm here when that happens just promise me this my friend

Please bury me with it

I just don't need none of that Mad Max bullshit

- Modest Mouse

I read a book when I was young, probably too young, called Brother In the Land. It was about the aftermath of a nuclear war, from the perspective of 3 children who survived the initial blast. Suffice it to say that from what I remember it was excellent but cannibals were definitely involved. Basically, it scared the s%#t out of my 8 year old self and kicked off years of obsession.

The doomer Mad Max scenario, the Lucifer's Hammer looting and the Brother In the Land cannibals are all on my list of "Please - bury me with it". But yet I can't wish that any more because I have a baby now, a baby who I love very much. I can't give up or fail to prepare for these scenarios. Sadly, sometimes I believe they are all too likely. In a world where the Holocaust and the Tutsi-Hutu massacres occured, anything is possible.

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