Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Check your assumptions

After peak oil production occurs, we will have less oil each year to produce our needs and desires. Most Peak Oil activists believe this - aside from that we are diverse in our beliefs and assumptions.

What are yours? Check all that apply. And - add your own!

Our economy will continue to grow due to the demand for alternatives and energy efficient technologies.
Our economy will continue to function much the same due to alternative fuels.
Our economy will continue to function much the same but small adjustments will need to be made.
Our economy will experience an ongoing recession.
Our economy will experience alternating contractions and expansions.
Our economy will go into a deep depression, getting worse each year.
Our economy will go into a deep depression, but improving as people and companies adjust to the new low-energy reality.
Our economy will cease to exist as people begin to die from famine and breakdown of social services and crime escalates.

Currencies will continue to be the main way to buy and sell goods and services.
Currencies will continue to exist but will be mixed with lots of bartering.
Other goods such as gold will replace paper currencies.
Bartering and food will replace paper currencies.
We will experience hyperinflation as our currencies devalue.
We will experience deflation as the economy contracts.
International stock and bond markets will continue uninterrupted.
Stock and bond markets will cease to exist as people realize continous growth is impossible with declining energy.
Banks will fail as fractionated reserves become impossible.
Banks will continue to serve for storage of money and lending to individuals and companies.

Food will remain abundant in grocery stores, but more expensive.
Food will become localized to regions; fresh produce will only be available in-season.
The government will institute food rationing.
Good food will only be available to those who have stored it up and who can grow their own.
The government will provide enough staples so that people don't starve.
People with food will need to protect it from roving violent gangs.

The electrical grid will continue to function unabated.
We will experience increasingly frequent rolling blackouts.
Electricity will become too expensive to run most appliances.
Only people with solar panels will have electricity.
Sewage, trash and water services will continue to function the same.
Sewage, trash and water services will begin to erode as communities cannot afford to maintain their facilities.
Sewage, trash and water services will become privatized and too expensive for many to afford.
Police and fire services will continue uninterrupted.
Police and fire services will become corrupt and privatized.

People will continue traveling alone in their cars to the bitter end.
Most people will drive hybrids for their transportation needs.
Public transport via busing will become the main way of traveling.
Car pooling will become more common.
Telecommuting will dominate the American white-collar workplace.
Biking and walking will become the main way of traveling.
People will continue to fly in airplanes for vacations and business.
Air transport will be limited to the ultra rich or government officials.
Goods will be mainly transported via trucks.
Goods will be mainly transported via trains and barges.

Living arrangements
People will continue to live mainly as they do now, with one family per house, apartment or condo.
Families will consolidate in the most advantageous locations or biggest accomodations.
Inner cities will be abandoned due to the blight and violence.
Inner cities will be in demand because they are close to jobs and services.
Suburbia will be abandoned because nothing is walkable.
Suburbia will be revitalized as people grow food on their plots and run home based businesses.
Only farming communities will survive.
Only well-guarded or militarized communities will survive.
Many parts of the country are abandoned as it becomes too expensive to live there (ie Las Vegas, Phoenix).

Health care
Health care will be offered to all, but only the most basic and preventative services.
Advanced health care such as cancer treatment and surgery will only be available to the wealthy.
Health care will continue in its current system, but available to fewer people every year.
Health care transitions to a low-energy preventative focus of diet, exercise, herbal medicine, massage, and regular flossing.
The population becomes generally healthier since we all work in the fields and eat local organic food.
The population is ravaged by famine and preventable diseases as the healthcare system is overwhelmed.

The national government becomes fascist and controlling, with the population constantly monitored.
The national government becomes obsolete as less money is available for funding.
The national government attempts to take over the Middle East to maintain our standard of living.
The national government provides basics to the population such as food and health care.
Government becomes localized to town halls.
Government services cease to exist.
Government services become privatized.

Free education is only available until the basics are taught (reading, writing, arithmatic)
There is no more government sponsored education.
Home schooling and neighborhood schools predominate.
Students must compete for the limited advanced education opportunities.
Students must exchange years of service in exchange for the limited advanced education opportunities.
Apprenticeships resume in place of higher education.

Employment continues much the same, but with a higher unemployment rate.
Jobs become scarce and people compete fiercely to get decent wages and benefits.
Corporations take the place of government, providing gated communities and services in exchange for employment.
Most jobs become localized farming, craftspeople or services.
Most current jobs become obsolete as international financing fails and people don't have money for new products.
Only farmers, protection services and scavengers survive.
The national government becomes the only reliable employment.

Any crime will be seriously punished by the fascist government.
Crimes will go unpunished since the police forces have broken down.
Anyone wanting safety will need to pay a private security force
If you leave the house, be sure to have your gun and Kevlar vest.
All secure homes will need a dog, barred windows, 2-3 guns and video cameras.
The only safe places will be in gated communities.
The government will control the populace via sedatives and free cable television.

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Heidi said...

Cockroaches, Twinkies, and Peeps. That's what will be left in our stead. Future generations will know us by the plastic food that we consumed and wonder why we worshiped petroleum to the point of eating it.