Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Completely pathetic bean teepee

I made a bean teepee yesterday, out of bamboo bought at Home Depot.

It is pathetic. In fact, I looked out today and it has fallen apart already. Fortunately I was anticipating that result and so I didn't plant any beans yet.

I don't know how to make one. I don't want to pay for a fancy one. Can someone just arrange for one to fall from the sky and land in my garden? But I'll settle for any information on how to make a cheap, yet attractive and durable, bean teepee, preferably recycled or otherwise ecologically friendly.


On the same note, I think I am experiencing garden overload. I feel a real sense of urgency and so I am trying a lot of new things all at once, and having to learn how to do them all at once, during baby naptimes (meaning 45 minutes to an hour at a time). I put in an herb garden, started some seedlings, did a sheet mulch project, planted 3 garden beds and 5 or 6 new types of veggies (not just varieties, but whole kinds), and am trying to integrate veggies into my front landscape.

In addition, I am trying to learn how to solar cook (this one is actually going really well - so far have cooked salmon and brown rice, chile rellenos and beans, baked potatoes, and banana bread), figure out whether to spend $450 on cloth diapers, start feeding my baby table foods, figure out how to set up a clothesline, and store 6 months of food. Along with the everyday stuff we all have to deal with, like making money, taking care of the family and paying the bills. Yark!

I know you are all in the same boat too. Just had to get that off my chest.

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Lewru said...

Here's what I did: Bang three bamboo poles into the ground about a foot. It's easier if you start when the ground is relatively wet. Then I used a heavy gauge twine to tie them together at the top. Then I wrapped the whole structure in kite string to allow extra grabbing area for the beans. I'll post a picture on my next blog!