Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The gift that keeps on giving

As Mother's and Father's Days are coming up soon, I began thinking about the most appropriate type of gift to give in a time of fast-declining energy and quickly-rising costs.

What could be better than a cute little Peak Oil Prep basket to start them off right?

Here, I've come up with several ideas for gifts, from the "Copper" to the "Platinum", with a nod towards our future monetary system ;).

  • One Peak Oil book or DVD of choice
  • One 7 gallon water container
  • One Crisis Preparedness book
  • One herb or cherry tomato plant
  • One large bag rice, beans, oats, peanut butter, and raisins


  • All of the above, PLUS
  • Solar lamp
  • 3 silver coins
  • One gardening book of choice
  • First Aid Kit


  • All of the above, PLUS
  • Cooking with Sunshine book
  • Solar Cooker (Global Sun Oven or otherwise)
  • Katadyn or Big Berkey water filter


  • All of the above, PLUS
  • One permaculture or PO investing book
  • Gardening tool kit
  • Clothesline system
  • Sleeping bag rated for their zone
  • Bike

Now, don't you wish someone would give YOU such a nice gift?

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