Monday, April 28, 2008


I am looking forward to being a micropreneur. I haven't figured out what I'll be microproducing, but possibilities are endless when the trucks stop running. People will still want food, liquor, clothes, beer, information, cooking tools, solar ovens. I'm thinking an economy like Little House on the Prairie - but with more advanced information.

The point is to have your supplies before TSHTF, ideally renewable (growable) supplies as well as extremely durable tools. In order to make a living, we may each have to be our neighborhood expert in several microbusinesses - which will make life all the more interesting and varied. In addition, there won't be the cutthroat competition from Korea and India.

Some ideas I like (not necessarily for their profit potential):

Lamb's ear farm (homegrown TP)
Knowledge broker (teaching people to DIY - everything)
Produce supplier
Homebrewer (stock up on grain now, and get your hops growing)
Tree saver (producing solar ovens from cardboard boxes, glass and aluminum foil)
Fruit tree grafter
Massage therapist
Baker (in your sun oven(s))
Egg supplier
Honey producer
Solar expert (building solar dehydrators, solar heaters, solar water heaters)
Water expert (building rainwater catchment and greywater systems)
Reel lawn-mower (for the ultra rich :))
Daycare provider
Local teacher
Battery re-charger (in your solar battery charger)

What are your suggestions? What are you going to be?

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Lewru said...

Seamstress? Healer (which I suspect will become more all inclusive), lawyer/local civic "re-organizer," weaver, repurposing carpenter, food preserver, miller (new high power job)...
Love the lamb's ear farmer!