Monday, April 7, 2008

Old cars rule!

I drive an old car, not in the sense of cool antique cars that people point at and smile, but the kind of car that people see and think that the driver is poor.

In other words, a beat up 1993 Geo Prizm.

First, what is wrong with it. Obviously, it's old - so no cruise control, power windows, CD player or iPod plug in. The overhead light went out a loooong time ago. So, no light at night. The radio is on the fritz. Every time I get in the car the radio resets to 98.1 (which is not a channel here). The body is dented - the repairs cost more than the car is "worth" so I never got it repaired (except to pry the body away from the tire with a crowbar). The side mirrors don't really stay when I adjust them. And, none of the tires or rims match anymore.

But oh, what is so RIGHT about my Bessie :)!
  1. It is paid off.
  2. It is paid off!
  3. The tag and insurance are really cheap.
  4. It gets 30 mpg. Not joking, I check it at least every 6 months.
  5. Maintenance and repairs are very cheap since no specialized knowledge or parts are required. Also, parts are easy to get. No computer chips needed.
  6. It still works after 140,000 miles.
  7. It has not had very many problems for it's age (15 years) - about $200/year of updates.

Well, that's enough for me to keep this car until it dies or repairs start to get expensive.... although I really want a Prius, I'm not sure the investment will be worth it because I have my doubts about the future of cars in general.

Here's to Bessie - thanks for all the years of faithful service.

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