Friday, April 25, 2008

Seeds sprouted!

Among the very many sad stories in the news today - Oil hitting $118, food riots, food rationing, children starving - a positive thing happened, after a drenching yesterday - my seeds sprouted. Cucumber, pumpkin, zuchinni, and buttercup squash seeds sprouted, with lovely big leaves after only 2 days. I am so excited!!

These are all vegetables that I've never grown before. I'm really stretching my boundaries outside of my comfort zone. Maybe in the fall I will finally plant potatoes. I would love to kill all the grass between my driveway and my neighbor's driveway and plant potatoes there. But instead of that extreme measure I am interspersing bell peppers, banana peppers, watermelons, and okra with my landscape plants. Do roses love watermelons the way tomatoes love basil? :)

I may have to plant tomatoes in my front landscape next year - I have planted tomatoes in all my back beds the last two years and have nowhere to rotate next year. I guess I will worry about that later. Till then, just hoping the neighborhood dogs don't water my landscape too much.

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Lewru said...

Yay for sprouting things! Cucurbits are so pretty, too. I think reclaiming the soil for potatoes is a way, way better idea than a lawn. And potato leaves aren't unattractive. It'd be nice to have an extra space for growing, but should you save it for the tomatoes you have to rotate out next year? Or do you have plenty of space? (In which case, I'm jealous. Plenty of space here, but not plenty of sun!)