Sunday, April 6, 2008

Storing? or Hoarding?

With all the reports of people starving in the world and food shortages and food riots... I began to feel a little guilty about storing grain, beans, and rice. Is the food I'm storing for tomorrow driving up the price for those people who need it today?

After discussing with my husband, I've decided that storing food is still the right thing to do.

I don't eat meat, so just for that reason I'm reducing my *Total* grain consumption by, say, 50% right there.

The current administration values running our cars over feeding people. Until the ethanol policy changes and we quit burning our food, I can't feel any guilt about storing food that will actually be EATEN.

I don't believe that my not storing food would help the poor people on the other side of the world. If food shortages occur HERE, I will stop stockpiling and begin to eat from our stores, which will reduce pressure on the local food system.

And finally, these stories just point out the fundamental saneness of having extra, in case that supplies truly do get tight.

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