Wednesday, April 23, 2008

While the gettin's good

Well, I'm off to Tulsa to take a reflexology course tomorrow. I debated about whether the carbon emissions and actual monetary cost were worth it, but decided I better get while the gettin's still available. I'm not sure if I will have many paying clients when T(economic)SHTF, but I'll bet people will be willing to barter food/services/supplies for pain management / pain relief. After all, massage and reflexology have been around for many hundreds of years and they require no electricity or oil to perform. And, I still have paying clients now, so I might as well learn something new to help them.

I'm sure you've noticed the many news stories on the crashing economy, soaring oil prices and food riots. Even the WSJ says "Load up the pantry".

So, I've decided to implement parts of Phase I of my emergency plan, which was designed to be triggered when gas goes over $3.50/gallon. This means that things are starting to get dicey. The economy might recover.... gas prices might fall.... the food chain might re-normalize.... or not. It can't happen here? Think again, and check the history books and the world news tonight.

In the past, I've tried to limit my actions and purchases to things that could be justified in some other fashion than solely peak oil. In other words, with a semi-rational explanation. Like just good planning, or environmental reasons. But I'm starting to forget about rationalizations now and just try to get stuff done as fast as is reasonably possible.

I visited Sam's yesterday and bought 100 lbs of rice. I had my first discussion with my Dad regarding Peak Oil today. I've planted most of my seeds. And, I'm starting to stock up on matches, aluminum foil, what-have-you. I admit to feeling kind of stupid when I buy extra matches, but what the heck, they're .67 each. As soon as I finish off my garden projects I'm going to start hitting the garage sales. And this fall, I'll be buying 3 years worth of heirloom seeds and trying my hand at saving some seeds.

Lewru, when are you going to come down and show me how this gardening thing is REALLY done? ;)

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Heidi said...

Licensure exam MONDAY. Then a long, lazy summer stretches out before me...