Thursday, April 3, 2008

Why I love my reel mower

We got our reel mower in 2000 when we bought our first house. At the time, our yard was just a little postage stamp that only took 10 minutes to mow. Now we have a larger yard (the better to garden in my dear) and I admit Bermuda grass is tougher to mow than whatever we had in Denver. We have to use an electric mower in the middle of summer when the Bermuda grass gets really thick.

Still, I love my reel mower! Why?
1. Makes only a small snickety noise. So we can use it to mow at any time of the day.
2. It's pretty light.
3. Doesn't make any noxious smells.
4. Doesn't need to be refueled.
5. Doesn't need to be started.
6. Doesn't break.
7. Doesn't pollute.
8. Cheaper than a regular mower, and doesn't require ongoing gas purchases.
9. Doesn't need to be plugged in.
10. Makes me look like a tough mama when I mow with it when I am 8 months pregnant :).

I figure I can start my own lawn service when TSHTF since I will be the only one in my neighborhood to have a mower which does not require gas or electricity. Seriously though, some people will probably STILL have lawns! In short, it is an ideal Peak Oil choice if you have a lawn and need a mower.

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