Thursday, May 29, 2008

I think I'm impressed!

Today got my seed from Baker's. Wow! The $80 "Southern Selection" package got me about 70 different kinds of seeds! Basically, everything I could have wanted. Although I noticed they did not include Spinach. Maybe it's not meant to be? I think that this package, if I started all the seed, assuming all the land I needed, and with the addition of potatoes and fruit, could possibly indeed provide all the food we would need for a year. And the seeds would probably last me possibly all 3 years (which was my goal). I mean, I have enough seed to start about 300 tomatoes here.

Now I can't get too crazy with the recommendation because I have no idea about the germination rate and how these seeds will perform, but so far am very satisfied! I even noticed they only charged me $3 shipping but the cost to them was $5.95.

Beans - Pole
Beans - Long
Corn - 2 kinds
New Zealand Spinach
Asian Greens - 4 kinds
Swiss Chard
Carrot - 2 kinds
Tomatoes - 12 kinds!
Peppers - 6 kinds!
Eggplant- 2 kinds
Cucumber- 2 kinds
Onion- 2 kinds
Melons - 6 kinds!
Squash - Summer & Winter
Brussels Sprouts


Lewru said...

Awesome! I'd be the dork interested in hearing about the varieties if you ever get around to it. And what does best, etc.

HausFrau said...

Not dorky. The best varieties are very important! Although I think that may change year to year based on what the weather and bugs are doing.

Anonymous said...

I live less than an hour drive from them. I got that pack four years ago. I have stored the seeds in serv'n-saver containers. The germination rate was still quite good this year. This despite the fact that I lack air conditioning and heat with wood which means that my house ranges from barely above freezing to 84F throughout the year. And don't forget to allow some of the plants to go to seed. You should never NEED to buy seed again.... though you might want to buy some different types.