Monday, May 19, 2008

Eco awards

How do we harness the energy of those who pride themselves on accomplishment and jobs done well? How do we focus the efforts of the straight-A students, marathon runners, uber-Moms, entrepreneurs?

They're all working to achieve things that are valued by our culture - being number 1, money, being busy, being in demand, having the latest, having the greatest. Those things are the markers of success.

But.... in order for the planet and people to prosper, what do we need for them to achieve? What do we need to be the markers of success?

Here are my proposed awards for all those overachievers out there looking for the next frontier - and remember people, no guts, no glory!

Least miles driven
Competitors: walkers, bikers, bus-riders, in-line skaters.

Fewest products bought new
Competitors: garage sale and thrift store shoppers, serious simplicitizers.

Most creative re-use for a common item
Competitors: Artists, tinkerers, engineers, thinkers.

Most re-use of items
Competitors: Business owners looking for cheap packaging or materials. Gardeners. Anyone who makes things. City 're-using' departments.

Most organically grown food
Competitors: Gardeners, farmers.

Best loop closer
Competitors: Permaculturists, architects, process designers.

Smallest zero-energy home
Competitors: architects, homeowners, homebuilders, developers.

Most trees planted
Competitors: everybody!!

What suggestions do you have? Will you compete for any of these awards?

1 comment:

Lewru said...

Three words for your competitors: Riot for Austerity. Those people are crazy hardcore.