Monday, May 26, 2008

Prep update

I try to do at least one thing every day to prepare for peak oil and / or reduce my impact on the environment.

  • Bought bulk seed pack from Baker Creek
  • Changed power strip configuration so we can turn off our energy "vampires" at night. Basically this consisted of moving the power strips so we can get to the off button. Also, we had to plug the modem into the outlet instead of the power strip because it freaks out when we turn off the power to it.
  • Prepared bottles for next homebrew.
  • Mulched garden paths with cardboard and straw.
  • Read excerpts from "Wild Fermentation", a book about using natural fermentation to make foods healthier and preserve their freshness longer.


Lewru said...

Hey drunkie! You are not giving yourself enough credit on the "prepared bottles for homebrew" line there. That is a major pain in the ass if you washed and then bleached or sterilized them all. AND you mulched? Way to go!!!

I want to hear what you get in your Baker Creek package.

HausFrau said...

Actually I am not giving Aaron enough credit. He is the one who did that particular item!! Actually, interesting story, he inherited a whole lot of German pint bottles with the corks attached - can be reused several times! Lucky us!

However for myself I could add "Baked Veggie Lasagna in Sun Oven".