Thursday, May 29, 2008

Renaming myself

I think I should call this blog the Sun Oven Hausfrau!

Today got started very late in the game - baby went down for a nap around 3:15 and I started piddling around on the Internet - thinking "Isn't there something I should be doing? (Besides laundry - there's always laundry to do.)".

Aha! The sun has come out from behind the clouds!

I quickly whipped up a veggie casserole - with cheese, eggs, sour cream, it can't be low-fat - but at least it has eggs and veggies! Stuck it in at 4:00, it was great by 6:15. Much later in the day than I thought I could cook in the Sun Oven.

Actually..... I plan to get another Sun Oven. There is a new one, a hybrid that has back up electric power, with a larger capacity, and uses much much less power than a regular oven (and of course no power when the sun is out). So theoretically, this one could be used almost all the time.

I came up with 4 good reasons to get a second Sun Oven:
  1. Cooking for more than two people.
  2. Cooking more food when the sun is out, to be used later (like rice, beans, bread and potatoes).
  3. A backup in case the other is damaged.
  4. MAYBE, to be shared with neighbors/family when SHTF.

The best price I could find was on Amazon at $250. Will keep you posted on how it works!

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