Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Solar oven safety tips

The Global Sun Oven is pretty powerful - heats up to about 250 degrees really quickly, with a max of about 350. I have scorched my hand and blinded myself temporarily a few times while working with it. I've also noticed that the times in my Cooking with Sunshine book are a little too long - probably because they are referencing the home-made box cookers.

I suggest the following tips:
  • Wear sunglasses while working with it - even while setting it up
  • Wear oven gloves whenever opening or closing
  • Keep away kids under 7 or 8
  • Stablize the GSO when it is windy (it has an "elevator" to properly aim it at the sun)

Maybe keep an extra pair of sunglasses and oven gloves with the GSO so you don't have to debate between going to get them or working without them.

Sunday: Cooked Spinach enchilada casserole. Yum!!

Monday: Cooked quinoa. Very quick.

Tuesday: Fried 2 eggs for lunch. Actually they were more like boiled sunny side up eggs. Kind of rubbery. But still ok. Should have put some butter in there when I was heating up the frying pan before I put in the eggs.

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Lewru said...

I am jealous!!! Spinach enchilada casserole sounds delish!