Friday, May 30, 2008

Ways to spend a stimulus

Whee! Peak Oil shopping!

Ok, so for many of you the wisest course may be paying down debt or saving the moola. And for those kindhearted of you, I know that food pantries and environmental organizations could really use your help.

For others, you may want to invest in some peak oil prep.

I'm normally quite a frugal person. Not as frugal as many, but more so than most in our culture. I buy my and my son's clothes used. We set the thermostat 68/78. I get my books from the library. My car is 15 years old. The only debt we have is the mortgage. You get the picture!

My point is - although I don't normally like to spend money, I spend money to prepare for peak oil and to decrease our impact on the environment.

You might want to have a plan in mind before you start. Are you going to:

  1. Create Garden of Eden on your suburban eighth acre?
  2. Move in with your mother when no one can afford to live alone?
  3. Prepare to flee into the wilderness when the bomb drops?
  4. Create a home-on-wheels that will evacuate you to your 10 acres in Tennessee, where you will start living off the land?

Whatever your plan, buy accordingly. Here are some thoughts on prices for things. Mix and match!

325 lbs of wheat berries stored in plastic buckets - $145
100 lbs of rice still in the burlap containers - $45
10 containers of oats (Always Save) - $18.88

Country Living Grain Mill - $400
Katadyn Water Filter (supposed to last for thousands of gallons) - $200
Global Sun Oven - $200
Hybrid Sun Oven - $250
Solar lantern - $85
Bike, electric bike or scooter - $100 - ??

2-3 Years worth of seeds from Baker's Creek - $85
4 x 20 garden - $125 for lumber, fertilizer, compost, straw mulch (maybe less)
Personal How To library - $150 for 10 vital books
Mini fruit orchard - $5 - 30 each depending on where you get them - maybe $125 for a peach, 2 plums, 2 apples, 2 pears, 2 grape vines

Insulating your home - $500 - 1000
Tent and sleeping bags - $250 (depends on quality)
First Aid kit - $40
Liquor for trading - the skies the limit!

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Lewru said...

Oh, goodness. I need to figure out a worthy investment, although part of me just wants to hold on to it. Nerves and such. I know for sure the future holds a pressure canner, a new bike for lovie, and maybe some large bags of wheatberries! :) We'll see...