Friday, June 13, 2008

I've come out of the Peak Oil closet

I have been encouraging my family to do Peak Oil preparation for a while now - gardening, storing food, being eco-friendly - but have not really brought up the ACTUAL P-word until just last week.

Until I invited my Mom to come read my blog! Welcome Mom! Now you can see just how crazy I really am. Of course, when I told her that she just said, "You're my daughter, and I love you." Ah, acceptance. Now my in-laws, wellllll they're another story. Of course, my husband's grandparents - they garden and can like nobody's business. I don't even need to talk peak oil to them.

Now, it should be easier than ever, with the news of riots and food bank shortages and strikes and blockades and such, to bring up the topic with your family. The more your family members are preparing individually, the less you will have to care for them when TSHTF! Although you never know, your BIL and family may be on your couch for a few years if they lose the house.

NYT today reports that gardening is increasingly popular, with seed stores reporting that sales are up and gardeners are increasing the area devoted to vegetables. Hey, the masses are starting to catch on! Best get your tools and supplies now before the price is driven up just like everything else :).

Although I have talked to my parents about Peak Oil now, I am still not very open about some things. For instance, I still move my P-cloths to the back bathroom when friends/family/clients are coming over. I'm just not ready to share that crunchy side just yet. Oh, and the front yard only has 3 pepper plants in it - hardly a revolutionary statement. Yes, and I haven't discussed the Diva with my SIL yet - but maybe I should.

Anyway, it feels good to come out of the closet and let it all hang out. Now I just need to go install that clothesline in the front yard....


Lewru said...

Woo-hoo! As long as you're letting it all hang out, I dare you to go streaking around the internet block! :)

Verde said...

Might as well dance a jig in the front yard as you're hanging up the clothes.

I too started talking about things with my parents when I visited. My BIL is an investor and I think he just has to believe that it will all be better because he can't cope with the alternative.
My parents were more open.

anajz said...

LOL at lewru!
Great post Frau! DH was just sharing what he had read in the newspaper about how people are turning toward gardening more this year than before. After he shared his link, I pulled out all of mine..haha!