Monday, June 2, 2008

Lazy Composting

I have a compost pile, that has been in place for years now, from which I have never really extracted any soil. It's an amazing accomplishment. Mainly, I just hate digging from the bottom while the stuff on top has not yet finished composting.

So, I am going to build a second pile, and let the first one finish itself off so I can just move the whole thing. Next, in the fall I am going to build a pile specifically for leaves and make leaf mold, for mulching next year. It's got to be way cheaper than buying 6 bales of straw again. And finally, I usually just like to bury half the kitchen scraps right in the garden spots that aren't currently planted .... the fancy term is trench composting. It works great! I always find beautiful black soil when I check on it later, and only some things don't decompose well (namely citrus rinds and eggshells).

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