Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mice scare

Until recently, I had about 100 lbs of rice and 25 lbs of pinto beans sitting on the floor, still in their original bags, by the Peak Oil closet. That is, until we heard the scurrying of little feet overhead in our attic. That was the day I decided to buy some plastic buckets.

Of course, nothing is simple, so I had to do some research and find out what "food grade" really means. From what I can figure out "HDPE" and the #2 recycle symbol indicate that the bucket is food grade. Which means that the bright orange buckets from Home Depot are, too! Easy fix, but not inexpensive.

I did my eco-duty and called 5 different bakeries to try to get some free buckets (and to recycle), but they were all out at the moment. If only I had thought ahead and started calling a month ago! So I just sucked it up and went to Home Depot. Today, my rice and beans are secure in their newly-washed buckets. Luckily, when we transferred the goods, there was no evidence of bug or mice infestation.

Now I have decided to just ask at the bakery every Saturday when we do our food shopping. Because I still have a few other bags of food I need to secure. :) And you can never have enough buckets.


Verde said...

Hi there, I just have been following links and came across your blog - it looks as if we are on the same wave length. I've enjoye your posts.

I belong to a yahoo food storage group and we had a discussion how to preserve food in buckets for long term storage. Some use oxyegin remover packs and I've used dry ice with bay leaves to discourage bugs.

Verde said...

I meant to say the food storage site was started by Sharon Askey

Hausfrau said...

Thanks verde, I have been considering putting in some "flower preserver" stuff I saw recommended, I picked it up at Hobby Lobby pretty cheap but have not yet figured out how to actually put it in the bucket with the food. I thought I might sew something to put the little crystals in but have not gotten around to it. Maybe I could use an old sock???