Sunday, June 22, 2008

Thanks for the cucumber trellis!

My Dad has always been a handy person to have around. In the last 6 years, he and my Mom have helped us build or renovate a bathroom, a brick patio, an arbor, and an extra wall. He never hesitates to get right to work.

So Sunday my parents came to visit and I mentioned that I have wanted to build a cucumber trellis for the last 3 months. Why a cucumber trellis?

  • Keeps cucumbers from eating the nearby jalapeno and eggplant
  • Raises cucumbers up for easier picking
  • Keeps cucumber off ground - less easy for resident mice to eat
  • Reduces chances of cucumbers rotting on the ground
  • Saves room for other plants

Here's what my Dad came up with from scraps of lumber and materials we had around the house (in an hour!!):

He used the following to make the cucumber trellis:

  • 3 pieces of 2x2x8 feet long lumber
  • 3 pieces of 2x4x4 feet long lumber
  • 2 8- foot lengths of "hardware cloth"
  • Screws and staples
  • Tools: Screwdriver, hammer and wire cutter

Apparently, you can also make a "tent" that cucumbers can crawl up on both sides by hooking 2 of these things together at the top with a bolt at either side. (This works for when you have no convenient fence to lean your trellis on.) Then you can interplant lettuce underneath the tent, where they will benefit from the shade. Maybe next year...


Lewru said...

Vertical gardening, way to go, girl! And so interesting that you have baling wire "laying around" the house...

Bee said...

Wow, how cool is your dad? Thanks for posting the idea. I think I'm going to dig around in the basement this weekend and see if I can build one of these too.


anajz said...

That is amazing! My poor cucumbers are growing up a goofy looking twine trellis that I made myself. The wind is beating it to death.

You are so blessed to have family that is able to offer a hand. My family lives in Texas, but they are not that handy anyhow(said with love)...and DH's family is about 3 hours away. With remodeling our 100 year old house, there have been many, MANY times that I wished we had someone close by that would help or join in to make a project a bit more enjoyable.
Your garden looks so lucious.

Hausfrau said...

Bee - I would recommend one 6 feet tall if I had to do it again...

many hands make light work! I think almost anything can be fun if you are not forced to work too fast, too long or too hard and if you have music and friends helping.

Having the wire around is the result of a failed experiment with a fence we tried 3 yrs ago. Ever since taking it down we have been converting it slowly to arbors and trellises.