Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sun Oven Journal

Here's the ongoing list of all the Sun Oven meals I've cooked in my Global Sun Oven and/or Tulsi Hybrid Sun Oven.


November 18th
Roasted Vegetables and roasted garlic sauce

November 17th
Banana bread

November 16th
Butternut squash for Butternut Bisque and Butternut Quesadillas

November 12th
Spinach manicotti

November 11th
Banana bread
Roasted sweet potato

November 6th
Tomato sauce

November 3rd
Roasted sweet potato

October 26th
Butternut squash

October 4th
Butternut and acorn squash

October 1st
Banana bread

September 29th
Sweet potato and black bean burritos

September 28th
Spinach lasagna

September 26th
Basmati rice and chickpea veggie masala

September 24th
Banana bread

September 17th
Veggie quesadilla stacks

September 16th
Roasted sweet potato
Banana bread
Potato soup

September 2nd
Banana bread

September 1st
Eggplant parmesan

August 28th
Roasted Buttercup squash

August 25th
Sweet potato, Apricot nut bread, Pasta bake

August 15th
Corn and zucchini enchiladas

August 13th
Ratatouille and basmati rice

August 12th
Banana bread & roasted sweet potato

August 2nd
Deep dish veggie pizza

August 1st
Chile relleno casserole

July 29th
Sweet potato and black bean burritos

July 25th
Ratatouille and basmati rice

July 22nd
Veggie pasta bake

July 21st
Cornbread, baked beans and sweet potato

July 18th
Zucchini casserole

July 16th
Ratatouille and basmati rice

July 14th
Black bean & sweet potato burritos

July 11th
Banana Bread

July 7th
Herbed carrots, corn on the cob, baked beans

July 6th
Couscous for Tabouli

July 4th
Mexican pizza

July 3rd
Nachos & Quesadilla stacks

July 1st
Sweet potato and black bean burritos
Basmati rice, chickpeas and vegetables

June 29th
Banana bread
Couscous and roasted marinated vegetables

June 28th
Margherita pizzas

June 26th
Baby food - Sweet potatoes & carrots
Vegetable quesadilla stacks

June 25th Spinach enchiladas

June 23rd
Baby food - Sweet potatoes and carrots

June 22nd
Cajun Tilapia
Peach Cobbler and Roasted Baby Potatoes

June 20th
Baked Potatoes & Sweet Potatoes

June 19th
Spinach Lasagna


Alison said...

Yum, that all sounds great. Did they all work out? Are you using recipes specifically for sun ovens or adapting recipes, or both? Do non-meat meals work better, or are you on a vegan diet, or trying to increase that part of your diet?

Hausfrau said...

All of the meals I posted here worked out well. I didn't list the 3 - 4 items when I didn't get something fully cooked because of the weather (clouds). I don't eat red meat or chicken, so I haven't tried cooking those. But actually chicken is supposed to cook up quite well and tender. I do cook a lot from Cooking from Sunshine cookbook, but in the Global Sun Oven I can cook pretty much any recipe I need to since it gets up to 300 - 350 degrees pretty easily.