Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vice Presidents

For those of you pondering the role of Vice Presidents in American history...

Of 46 Vice Presidents, 9 succeeded to the Presidency (~20%). Those 9 were:

John Tyler (After President Harrison died)
Millard Fillmore (After President Zachary Taylor died)
Andrew Johnson (After President Lincoln's assassination)
Chester Arthur (After President Garfield's assassination)
Theodore Roosevelt (After President McKinley's assassination)
Calvin Coolidge (After President Harding died)
Harry Truman (After President Franklin Roosevelt died)
Lyndon Johnson (After President John F. Kennedy's assassination)
Gerald Ford (After President Richard Nixon's resignation)

Of the 46 Vice Presidents, 2 have become Acting President due to Presidential incapacitation:

George H.W. Bush (once)
Dick Cheney (twice)

So, of the 46 Vice Presidents, 11 have become or acted as President (~24%). This means that there is an almost 1 in 4 chance that an American Vice President will become our President at some point. Therefore, I propose that it makes sense to take Vice Presidential candidates' experience, qualifications, credentials, and political record into account when deciding who to vote for in November.

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Lewru said...

Excellent job, dearie. I'm glad you scrounged up the numbers to prove the point.

eatclosetohome said...

Whoa. Thank you. I hadn't realized how high this percentage was!

Jennifer (of Veg*n Cooking) said...

So much for thinking that the VP doesn't really mean much, eh? That makes the possibility of a McCain/Palin White House even more scary. Not that I am too thrilled about our other options either, I hate the two party "lesser of two evils" systems. They get you in such a way that you cannot vote your conscience without fear that you are electing a mad man to the Presidency.

Tara said...

What I find scary is that we as voters don't get to choose the vice president. (It's debatable whether we even get to choose the president, but let's pretend that we do, for the sake of this conversation.) I'd like to be able to vote for VP seperately. Of course we could very well wind up with a mixed ticket then, but that could be a good thing.