Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend roundup

In spite of the impending financial doom, which I am increasingly worried about, I had a GREAT weekend! What made it so great, you might wonder. Did I go to Malibu? Did I have a date with Jake Gyllenhaal? Did I win 200 million dollars in the lottery?

No, no, sadly no. Instead.... (dramatic pause).....I got stuff done! Yes, I worry a lot, I have dark pictures in my head about potential horrors to come, and I would like to strangle those people who are making it all worse. But instead, I just got a few things done. And these small accomplishments ease my mind and unclench my stomach, no matter how small my actions may be in the scheme of things.

First, there was a neighborhood garage sale. I picked up more clothes for the small boy, a pair of jeans for me ($2) and a large well made woven basket for $3.

Then, we visited the grocery store and topped off the storage foods with oats (enough for 2 1/2 people to eat 5 days per week for 3 months), pasta (enough to eat twice a week for 3 months) and applesauce (would last about a month or so). I put all the pasta in a bucket for storage but um, I forgot to get a lid. Put that on the To Do list.

I think I should note here that I had a conversation with a new acquantaince recently that focused on stocking up on canned goods - and SHE started it! In my book, that means TS could HTF any day now. So folks, the drill is over. If you don't have some food, get some. You never know what could happen - hurricanes, ice storms, trucker strikes, and gas shortages have already become a stark, harsh, reality for many people. Put it under your bed, behind the books in the bookcase, or at the top of your closet if there's no room in the kitchen. And if you eat what you store/store what you eat, no skin off your back, right? You're just saving yourself money as prices rise.

Where was I? Ok, next, the green beans that I planted August 15th started coming in, so I harvested a few handfuls of those. They are purple pods, so cute to pick and easy to see in the foliage. The Red Burgundy okra, basil, banana/bell/ jalapeno/poblano peppers, and cherry tomatoes also continue to yield. Now, I will probably not be getting enough to be able to can the green beans, but there should be enough to eat green organic veggies for weeks.

Then, I got over my reluctance and set up my Global Sun Oven, in all it's reflective glory, in the FRONT YARD, where the sun is best at this time of year. I set it up within view of the front door and large picture window to deter any potential solar thieves. The GSO did not get stolen, and no one stopped to accuse us of ruining the neighborhood with our solar appliance. We roasted a butternut and acorn squash and made mushroom-stuffed squash for dinner.

I also dehydrated some OK Food Co-op pears with my Nesco dehydrator. For some reason I thought it would take a lot of time. Since I decided I could live with skin-on pear chips, it did not! So easy! Luckily, I remembered the dehydrator was still outside (after I had already gotten in bed) and snuck out to bring it back in the house (without disturbing hubby) before the rainstorm this morning. I would mention all the pesto I made, but strictly speaking that was last weekend, so it would be cheating :).

I ordered some books as a birthday present to myself. Well, yes. SIX books. Sharon Astyk's book Depletion and Abundance; the Archdruid's book The Long Descent; Rob Hopkin's Transition Handbook; also The Solar Food Dryer, The Ball Book of Home Preserving (I don't like the book Putting Food By at all), and The Vegetable Gardener's Bible (I have many specialty gardening books and permaculture books but no basic gardening books! Now if only it were written for gardening in the South....).

And finally, the best part - rearranging the furniture. We didn't spend a penny- and my house is completely 100% improved. I cannot tell you how excited this makes me, but I will try anyway. Now I can have friends over without awkward glances at the bed bizarrely placed in the living room! I can actually hang out and read in the living room, because there are couches in there! And I am now willing to clean the place since I can use it. So, so, so excited. It just goes to show that sometimes you just need to look around at what you already have, and put it to better use. Yippeeeee!

So, although the market seems to be disappearing in all it's hallucinated wealth, I feel ok, at least until I realize there will be no retirement for my generation, which is also probably going to be the least of our problems. How was your weekend?


MeadowLark said...

6 quarts split pea soup, 9 pints chili con carne, 6 jars pineapple-lemon jam. Thought about cleaning up the garden - changed my mind.

That's about it.

Lewru said...

Damnit, I miss you! This is great stuff, lady! And -um- your birthday is still a little ways off, right? :)

Hausfrau said...

Meadowlark - more than I've canned all summer :)!

Michelle Ellis said...

holy cow girl!

You make me feel like a slacker(:

Hausfrau said...

Michelle - did I mention it was the most productive weekend of the month :)? Lewru - not till the Day of the Dead. Miss you too!

LisaZ said...

I love how you manage to intersperse doom thoughts in with all the great things you did! Sounds like you had a good weekend. I love it when I've rearranged the furniture too. It feels like a fresh new house, at least for a few days until my kids have taken over every square inch again. For such little people they sure do have a way of spreading themselves around...


Verde said...

Yea, Monday is my day off and did a bunch of stuff - yes moved furnature around, started on cleaning the garage, put in nest boxes and straw for the chickens, went to the dump, dried pears, made tomatoe soup... snooze

Chile said...

Well, I had a relatively unproductive weekend and, boy oh boy, was that needed. I've dedided that we're suffering from Pre-Traumatic Stress Syndrome. All this worry about the future is causing too much stress now. Where's my limoncello?!

By the way, I have the same reservations about putting the solar oven in the front yard, especially given some of the trouble-making youth in the area.