Thursday, October 23, 2008

Who will foot the bill?

Opening shot: Restaurant kitchen

WAITER in a tuxedo is filling a huge tray with plates of lobster, steak, chicken, and fish dishes. We follow WAITER out the kitchen double doors into the noisy chaos of the dining room.

Shot: Table

MAN and WOMAN are drinking their third bottle of champagne. MAN is smoking cigar as WAITER brings tray to table and other WAITERS appear to light something on fire. Flambé!

Shot: Close up of mouths

Graphic shots of chewing, gulping, juice running down chins.

Pan to: Two children sit at the table quietly watching their parents eat and drink and smoke. BOY, 6, and GIRL, 4, have a glass of water set in front of them.

Shot: Table

WAITER appears with another huge tray, this time filled with desserts, while other WAITERS take away the plates of half-eaten dinner. WAITER presents the tab to MAN with a flourish. MAN waves off tab and nods towards BOY. WAITER sets tab in front of BOY. BOY stares down at bill.

Shot: Parking lot

MAN and WOMAN stagger towards large tank-like vehicle, opening with a remote beeper. MAN loosens tie. WOMAN kicks off high heels and carries them. WOMAN turns to blow kiss to CHILDREN standing at door. WAITER holds his hands on CHILDREN's shoulders. Tank peels out, as WAITER turns CHILDREN to go back in the kitchen. Fade to black screen.


It's wrong to ask our kids to pay our bills.

Picture of planet EARTH appears, spinning. Montage of ice crashing into the oceans, deserts cracking open the earth, burning forests, oil spilling into the ocean, fish gasping for breath, faster and faster. Black again.


Global warming is changing the planet.

What are you doing to stop it?

Last shot: Restaurant kitchen

(From behind) A row of children, including BOY and GIRL, are standing on chairs in front of the many restaurant sinks as they start washing the mountain of dishes left behind by their parents.
Note from Hausfrau: Does anyone know any filmmakers? I wish someone would make this commercial!


Lewru said...

You are so darn creative. From Star Trek Space Labs to full-blown commercials.

Hausfrau said...

Verde posted a comment yesterday saying "Good Lord, that would be powerful!" I guess I accidentally deleted it - sorry!

Thanks to you both - I woke up with this idea in the middle of the night, already fully formed in my brain. I could see it running. I had to get up and write it down at 3 am so I could go back to sleep.

Chile said...

Hey, talk to Melinda at One Green Generation (link in my side bar). She does documentaries...

Melinda said...

Nice script! Have you contacted the folks at 350? You should. Who knows - they may like it and want to make it. You could also send it to other organizations focussed on climate change. Or contact a film school in your local area - you may find a budding and talented young student who would be ecstatic to make it.

I wish I could help more, but I'm a documentary filmmaker... soon to be a former documentary filmmaker as I change careers into a more hands-on approach to creating change. (I'll be writing about that more as I get further into my new endeavors.)

Sorry it took so long for me to stop by this post! Been both sick and busy - baaaad combination.

abuddhistperspective said...

Absolutely brilliant! I only wish I had such productive dreams. ;-) Thank you for writing it down before returning to sleep.

I have taken the liberty of posting it on my blog with the well-deserved credit and link. I just discovered your blog tonight and reading it has been my reward for several looong days working on the computer.