Friday, January 2, 2009

09 Goals

I don't make resolutions, I make goals. Resolutions are promises that you know you are going to break. Ha ha, just kidding. But goals and projects are things that I plan to achieve. Goals that are written down are much more likely to be achieved, and goals which are public are even more likely to succeed.

The beginning of the year is imbued with hope and promise... even if things look grim. We can turn grim to our advantage by using it to generate momentum to get some serious good works accomplished. Making goals is an important first step - and at the end of the year, if everything has not been achieved, so what? More has been accomplished than if no goals were ever made at all. So here we go: My goals for 2009.

1. Save $XX thousand by end of year.
2. Pay down mortgage by $XX thousand by end of year.
3. Grow garden for spring, summer, and fall and plant blackberries and kiwis in the spring. Preserve the harvest as much as possible by canning, drying.
4. Renovate kitchen to allow two people to cook in the kitchen at the same time, add storage space, and increase ease of cleaning. This will give me more room for storing produce during the summer garden season and help me keep the kitchen neat and clean. We plan to keep the cabinets we already have in interest of frugality and being environmental.
5. Replace old carpet with wood flooring in kitchen, dining room, and front room. I consider this Peak Oil prep since I don't want to be vacuuming carpet when there is no electricity ;). Also I think carpet traps allergens.
6. Fitness! Walk - every day if warm enough. Yoga - twice a week. Lifting weights - once a week.
7. Start Riot 4 Austerity in 1 or 2 categories - starting yesterday, January 1st! :) So far we have been tracking the receipts, and I need to add them all up to see how far we have to go. I am troubled that the kitchen and floor renovations might make any reductions hard to achieve, but I will just see what I can do anyway.
8. Continue preparing for Peak Oil.
  • Install solar heating panels in windows.
  • Buy or make (really this means "Ask my Dad to make") solar food dryer by June.
  • Help start Transition Town or Resilient Communities initiative in Oklahoma City.
  • Learn how to make food - bake bread, make cheese and yogurt. Hopefully, without electric gadgets.
  • Investigate keeping bees and chickens.

Ahhhrgggh! After writing it down, that looks like a lot! I know from experience that once I break it down into sub-goals and weekly to-do lists it will become a lot more manageable. No doubt the "Help start a Transition Town initiative" will spawn thousands of sub-goals all by itself. After that, I have to just keep plugging away. For example, this weekend we will:

  • Order seeds.
  • Call Horn Seed to see if they have blackberries locally.
  • Order blackberries and kiwis.
  • Look at finances (assets and liabilities) to see where we are now.
  • Break down yearly savings and mortgage goals into monthly goals.
  • Add up receipts for gas and consumer goods for the Riot from November and December.
  • Look for places to find used home renovation products.

It seems like everyone is making their goals and resolutions right now. Do you have any you care to share?


Verde said...


These look really great and there are some there that are on my list as well. I would love to get hardwood floors in the living room. Carpet is just icky - at least when you live with as many animals as I do. We've got hardwood and Mexican tile in about 25% of the house.

I'm not doing my goals until tomorrow because I'm so focused on sick rabbit, but buying a Global Sun oven is right up there as is putting some money in savings. I also want to extend the gardening season and start my own bedding plants.

Matriarchy said...

OMG, I have orange SHAG carpet in my rented house! I cannot wait to get someplace where I control the flooring.

You will love it when you get into the yogurt routine. I make 2 quarts every other week. I am about to increase that so I can supply my mother, too.

I still have not nailed the bread-baking, even with a machine. I am going to try getting into biscuits, which are also quite versatile. Made my first sweet potato biscuits at breakfast today, and they were fabulous.

This summer I hope to start experimenting with a solar oven, or DH or one of my kids to do so. Your solar cooking is so impressive. But I am also starting a rain barrel biz, so I don't want to bite off more than I can chew in one year.

Peak Oil Hausfrau said...

Verde - so glad you want to get a GSO! It will definitely save you some wood in the summer when you don't want to be cooking on your woodstove.

Matriarchy - Do you use an electric tool for your yogurt or do you have some other method? I read something about a thermos but I need to go look it up again...sweet potato biscuits sound delicious! Recipe link??

Lewru said...

I always envy your goals. I have no doubt you'll achieve them, ladyloo.

I definitely plan to order a GSO. And there are many, many more've got me thinking now. I smell a post of my own (you've been the source of my inspiration of late!)...

Matriarchy said...

When I was looking for a yogurt maker on Freecycle, a Lebanese women emailed me directions to make it in a crockpost crock wrapped in a blanket. I didn't do that, but I got the idea that I need to keep it worm, conserve the heat. I use an insulated thermal picnic bag, like you commonly see for a large lunch or a six-pack.

In the evening, I put two quarts of milk with half a cup of nonfat dry milk in a pot and heat to 200F. Then I let it cool to 120 and temper in a half-pint of yogurt saved from the last batch. I pour it into quart containers (and a half-pint started jar) and put them all in the thermal bag with another container of hot water. I stuff a dish towel in the top for more insulation, and zip it shut. Next morning, I have yogurt.

I don't have a bigger bag to make more, so I think I will have to start making it every week in order to some to Mom.

Gracie said...

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knutty knitter said...

I hope to get the credit card paid off and then cut up into tiny little pieces and never go there again.

I have no trouble with bread but haven't tried yoghurt. Wood floors are great but we do suffer from those dust bunnies if someone (me) doesn't mop every day or so :)

Nemo said...

So that's why congress passes resolutions instead of goals! :)

Here are our "09 Goals":