Friday, January 16, 2009

Fill in the Blank!

Fill in the blank:

I could live forever without seeing another ____________ again (insert your most hated ecologically destructive item that you hope will disappear after Peak Oil); BUT you'll have to pry my ______________ from my cold, dead hands (insert your favorite ecologically questionable item that you hope will still be around).

My answers:
1. gas-powered lawnmower; wineglass
2. BlackBerry; pulpfiction fantasy novel
3. Hummer II; hot, hot showers

What are YOUR top three?


Tara said...

OMG! Blank #1 - f-ing BLISTER PACKS. Sorry, can you tell I feel rather strongly about those?

As for blank #2, I have an embarrassingly long list. Long, hot showers, VERY non-local fresh fruit, Pringles and gummi bears, imported mineral water. :) Just to throw out a few. Hmmm...mostly they involve food and drink, don't they? I think I see a patter here.

Are we really calling wine glasses questionable?

Peak Oil Hausfrau said...

Tara - only when filled with imported wine, which they usually are! I guess the glasses themselves might last a lifetime, if a certain toddler never got hold of them :).

helwen said...

1. Power mowers (it deserves repeating), hot tub

2. Most SUVs , Chocolate of various kinds

3. Nintendo/X-Box/stupid little portable game things, green tea

Hummers annoy me too, but mostly I only see them in movies or tv shows, usually as the bad guy nowadays, so I didn't think of them first. And we don't have a hot tub just go to the local spa once a year, but I'd love to have my own someday. Maybe a wooden one, with wood heat (low emission of course, using sustainably harvested wood).

Chocolate - imported, and definitely NOT Hershey's. Granted some of what we go for is fair trade but still...

Tea - again imported. Someday I'm hoping to have a greenhouse or sunroom where I'd have room for my own tea bushes. There's a few things I'd like to be able to grow that I just don't have the indoor space for, sigh.

- Heather G

Peak Oil Hausfrau said...

Luckily tea, spices, cocoa have been traded and imported for hundreds of years. They're fairly light and not too bulky. I'm counting on the merchants to keep bringin' em in.

Hopefully the Oklahoma wine business will develop some excellent wineries.

Anonymous said...

blank 1. clear cut, franchised food and stuff, agribusiness in all forms

blank 2. internet, trips to Europe to visit family


eatclosetohome said...

1) Bobble-head doll, golf course, truck testicles

2) Internet, avodacoes, antibiotics

Lewru said...

TRUCK TESTICLES! That's awesome. I despise those!

Let's see...Blank #1: home theater systems, styrofoam trays, mini-sodas, small yogurt cups, frigid AC in the summer, cruise ships, plastic bags, I could go on and on...
Blank #2: Hot shower, I salute you! A modicum of warmth in the winter, sturdy garden hand tools...and vino!

Kate@LivingTheFrugalLife said...

1. cellphone/olive oil
2. piece of junkmail/coconut milk
3. television/dark chocolate

I am of course, conscious of the fact that I've listed three food items as things I would never willingly go without. And while they all may be perfectly sustainable for people in some areas, they're not in mine.

I'm assuming though that tea and spices can all be considered at least potentially sustainable, since they were the most popular trade items in the sailing ship days. I really hope so, 'cause there's no way I'd want to give them up either.

Amber said...

Fun game!!

I could live forever without seeing another single use, disposable item/ plastic/bottled water.

I don't think I can live without the internet, olive oil and some form of heating/hot showers....

Danielle said...

I've given you an award. You can find it over at my blog.

Chile said...

While I'm thinking about my answers, go check out your award.

Ok, here goes:
Good bye Wal-mart.
Leave me not fair-trade not local shoes that atually fit my problem feet alone.

Alison said...

1. Clear felling of forests/my shelves full of books.
2. Ploughed fields/loaves of homebaked bread.
3. Unreasonably large single family homes/my private bathroom and hot bath.

d.a. said...

Not want: Styrofoam anything.
Want: Coffee. :-)

EJ said...

Blank 1: ski doo's, snow mobiles, dirt bikes, atv's - all the obnoxious small engines that take people places that the drivers would be too lazy get to on their own.
Blank 2: internet (information, music, communication - I'll free admit I'm addicted)

Wendy said...

1. Cheap, plastic toys made in China; cup of hot, green tea (probably grown in China :).

2. McDonalds (or any other factory-farm supported fast food restaurant); forkful Yankee pot roast (from a local, grass-fed cow ... named Giblet).

3. Cellphones; Internet

But I have to ask, what's a "truck testicle"?

As for wine (and beer), I think Maine actually has some wonderful vintners ... or I just don't have any taste for good wine ;). Either way, I enjoy the local stuff, and so I would never miss the imports ;).

Even though I'm a total bibliophile, I'm banking on there being lots of books around for a very long time - even if it's just an incredible surplus of "old" books. I could do without (at least for a little while) new releases, although I would surely whither up and blow away like so much dust if I couldn't have any books at all ;).

Coll said...

Blank 1-hummers,styrofoam chunks and especially styro peanuts,
plastic anywhere near the ocean
Blank2-dishwasher, hot showers,avocados

ThinkLady said...

Blank one: McMansions, big SUVs, humongous warehouse stores, sprawling neighborhoods with no sidewalks, concrete parking lots built five sizes too big for the store, cities without green spaces, auto sprinklers running in the middle of a huge rain or pointing in the middle of a street, golf courses using a bazillion gallons of water and pouring pesticides into the groundwater.

Blank two: Internet, cable, selected TV shows and movies, dishwasher!, coffee, long hot showers, the wonderful world of imported cheese and wine

eatclosetohome said...

Alison- I love your list. It encapsulates the pull between "no impact" and "things we want" very well!

And Wendy- in some areas, it's the fashion to equip one's truck (dangling from the trailer hitch) with an endowment one lacks upon one's own person. At least I assume that's why these are so popular.

I have a friend who swears he's going to go out one day with a can of blue spray paint and vandalize every single one in the parking lot. :)