Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Fun Time

Every so often I like to do something that does not involve reading about peak oil, writing about peak oil, talking about peak oil, worrying about peak oil, or preparing for peak oil.

But gee, what else is there???

Today I bring to you a recent obsession. You may get sucked in. You may never return. You may come out of your trance hours later wondering where all the productive hours of the day went. You may develop very dry eyes.

Will it be worth it? You make the call.

Yahoo Text Twist


Carla said...

Damn! I thought I had lost this URL forever! Before I moved tot his job & had Internet connection at home, I would play this game for much too long...I was hooked!!
"Thank you"? for finding it...? :P

Chile said...

Damn you, Hausfrau!

Important note: if you play too long at once, you'll start missing words because you input them before and think you input them this time...

So, what's the highest score you've gotten? Huh?

Peak Oil Hausfrau said...

What can I say? You were WARNED!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

knutty knitter said...


Says it all I think.

viv in nz