Monday, February 16, 2009

Fresh Greens

My first post has just been published at the Fresh Greens collective blog! The blog is a project of Sustainable OKC, the group that is "incubating" our Transition Town OKC project and funding our TTOKC website, The Fresh Greens blog has 13 contributors, focuses on sustainability issues, and aims to inform, educate, spark discussion, raise awareness and even entertain ;).

The Fresh Greens post is actually a reprint of a piece I wrote for my new Envision OKC 2020 blog. The blog is my hopeful vision of the future as we transition from the present, a time of abundant and cheap energy, to the future, a time of declining and expensive energy. Yes, it's hopeful and hopefully entertaining - but there will undoubtedly be darkness, disaster and doom along the transition curve. In fact, I've already imagined a few likely disasters.

The Envision 2020 blog may turn out to be a collective blog as well, but for right now I have it all to myself. So feel free to check it out!

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d.a. said...

Congrats! Many well wishes for this endeavor!