Monday, February 9, 2009

Going Local OKC is live!

Requesting your thoughts and ideas...

Our Transition Town website,, is live! Although we plan to continue to improve the site, for example, we want to add a "Energy Sources" page, and a "Start your own" Transition Town event page, as well as some other minor things, but our website is in good enough shape to request comments.

We are trying to tailor the tone and content to the local political and cultural atmosphere here in Oklahoma City. The oil and gas industry is a very large employer here in OKC. Almost every family in the city has at least one relative who works for an oil and gas company. So everyone is very invested in the success of the oil industry. It's going to be hard to break peak oil to them - not only the usual psychological difficulties with peak oil, but also the fact that so many people rely upon the industry for their incomes.

I've worked for several oil companies in my lifetime. My mother in law, aunt, and brother in law have all worked for oil and gas companies at some point. So we are trying not to set up an "us versus them" kind of mentality. But we do want to lay it on the line - peak oil is arriving, and the consequences will be huge. Transition Town OKC WILL dare to name the problem of peak oil!

Our second Steering Committee meeting is tomorrow, and we'll debut the site to the other committee members. If you have any suggestions, questions, or problems about the website to report, I'd appreciate them! Thanks for your input!


Theresa said...

Wow! I think I want to live in OKC! How great to be living in a city where this is being taken seriously :)

Amelia said...

Maybe the heat is getting to folks in OK - my husband works for an oil company on the north slope in AK and peak oil is more accepted among folks he works with than in the general population by a lot. Its because he works there that we know about it, see it, and are preparing for it.

Verde said...

We have income from oil and gas ourselves. We aren't thrilled by that except that's the industry where we live and the best way for hubby to make a living.

We get peak oil but we did before too. I find that one can more easily have a conversation because oil and gas is part of the conversation anyway. There is some basic knowledge of it and supply/demand and how much is out there.

Way to go with the TT - I'm envious!