Monday, April 6, 2009

Simply irresistible

I went to Horn Seeds on Friday because I had a free hour or so. Guess what? They already have their temptingly luscious tomato plants available. I like Horn because they carry a really good variety of plants and they are reasonably priced ($1.49/1.99 per healthy-looking tomato or pepper). The return on that investment is formidable! This is a blessing for me since I have not mastered the art of starting transplants yet - with the variety they have available, I'm not stuck with Big Boy and Sweet 100's (although I buy those too).

When I found out that Horn had Cherokee Purples ready for sale, along with the fact that they grow their own plants here in OK (in Guthrie), I was sold! I bought a Cherokee Purple, a Juliet, a Grape, and a Lemon Boy.

All this, despite the fact that I had already ordered all the tomato plants I can fit in my little garden from the OK Food Co-op, to be picked up next Thursday. Despite the fact that planting date is not until April 14th. I'm just lucky I managed to get out of there without buying any pepper plants. They had a lot of those too...

Horn will be getting new shipments of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and assorted other transplants every two days for the next two weeks. There should be plenty of opportunities for me to buy more plants that I can't fit in my garden.


Chile said...

Sounds like it's time to take over a room in the house for indoor gardening. LOL!

You probably don't want to hear this, but I had a garden fresh cherry tomato this weekend. One of the CSA volunteers has a south-facing balcony window and already has tomatoes!

Verde said...


Are you vegie gardening in your front yard, by chance? I'm going to be moving vegie space into the front yard as the lot where we had gardened last year (and the irrigation water) sold.

Peak Oil Hausfrau said...

Verde - We are going to be planting pepper and squash plants in our front yard. We will mix them in with the regular landscaping plants. Sorry about your veggie lot!

Green Assassin Brigade said...

buying too many plants, bwahahaha, I'm glad its not just me,,,,,, every year I do the same thing, start seeds too early and buy to many already started.

Kiashu said...

For growing seeds into seedlings, this is what I do.

I take the little containers seedlings come in, put in some loose soil and put the seeds there. I put them on my kitchen window sill which gets the afternoon sun, then water them. So they're always well-warmed and moist. The "seedlings emerge: 10-14 days" then becomes 2-3 days.

After a week or so they're 2-4" high and I plant them out in containers or the garden beds.

I've found this works much better than sowing directly, because my area has crazy weather - we're sleeping naked under a single sheet one night, then two nights later we wish we had the electric blanket on the bed and there's a storm outside.