Sunday, October 18, 2009

20 low-energy entertainment activities

What to do for fun when driving and / or electricity become expensive or intermittently available? It may seem like a silly question - I mean, aren't we all just going to be hanging on for dear life? But if you've ever been through a long blackout, you'll know that boredom can set in pretty quick, unless you are already used to entertaining yourself without the benefit of a computer, Internet, television, movies, shopping, going somewhere in a car, or video games.

Sure, maybe farming, cooking and mending will take up all our time, along with washing dishes and clothes by hand ;). But during those slow times.... what then? Here's a few ideas to pass the time:

20. Sing your favorite songs - show tunes, Christmas carols or drinking songs.

19. Play poker / spades /hearts / Texas hold'em with friends.

18. Read books from the library or purchased from garage sales / thrift stores.

17. Play piano, guitar, drums, or your favorite instrument.

16. Practice yoga or tai-chi.

15. Go on walks or nature hikes.

14. Work cross-word puzzles / Sudoku.

13. Play board games like chess, checkers, Monopoly, Taboo, or Catchphrase.

12. Play solitaire.

11. Toss a baseball/football/basketball around.

10. Play hackey-sack.

9. Bike around town.

8. Read or tell stories to your children.

7. Work jigsaw puzzles.

6. Putter in the garden / peruse gardening catalogs.

5. Crafting / knitting / carving from reclaimed materials.

4. Write songs or poetry.

3. Sex. (I hear you can even do this one in the dark!)

2. Trade massages / foot rubs.

1. Conversations and potlucks with friends, family and neighbors.

And there are so many more! Your favorite way to spend time without gasoline or electricity?


Chile said...

These considerations are why we have picked up some extra books from yard sales, got a few board games, made sure we had several decks of cards and a couple of books of Sudoku and crossword puzzles, and have a few craft supplies on hand. We don't necessarily wait until slow times to enjoy these activities or other things on the list, though. ;-)

Wendy said...

When we lost power last year and my husband's nephew came over for a few hours, the kids all entertained themselves with origami.

With the exception of the Internet, though, my family already spends a lot of time doing low-energy activities, and power outages have never really caused us any hardship ... well, except for not having hot showers. That sucked ;).

Peak Oil Hausfrau said...

Chile - us too, although I still need to pick up a few more jigsaw puzzles. I wish my husband wanted to play more interactive things, but after his long days at work and my kitchen and garden projects, he would rather veg and watch sports. To give him credit, he would love to play guitar but my son always tries to steal his guitar when he gets it out.

Kelsie said...

When we had our historic ice storm last winter, we went for two weeks without power.

It was the best 2 weeks I could remember having in a long time. We all gathered in the largest home we could find where they had gas for cooking, and we had huge, community prepped meals. We played guitars and sang, and we played all of our favorite games. All told, there were about 50 people over there at any given time--I loved the sense of community our mutual lack of electricity, gasoline, etc. fostered. I also got a lot of reading done.

Peak Oil Hausfrau said...

Kelsie - that does sound like fun! I hope my neighborhood would pull together like that in a true emergency.

thresholddweller said...

I've been intentionally picking up games, novels, songbooks, cards, instruments, and so on so I have things to do for entertainment that are low-energy. I also make sure to have knitting and craft supplies on hand - can be done while singing or other other forms of entertainment, and it's productive.

MN_homesteader said...

We are big game folks. Lately we have been playing Settlers of Catan and Mankala which by the way is a great post-PO game.

Alison Kerr said...

Great list. My favorites have to be reading and having conversations over cups of tea, or over dinner.

Diane said...

Puzzles, card games and reading are all nice, but without strong, direct light I find them a bit hard on my middle-aged eyes! Bedtime at 8 pm is not unusual for us when the power is off...but we then rise at first light to make the most of the day.