Friday, October 16, 2009

Commercials I hate

I don't hate all commercials. Some are informative or funny. There was a silly one about oxen and dachsunds a few years back that still makes me smile. But some just totally get my goat!

Last night I was talking to my hubby while he watched a baseball game, and I noticed this awful commercial. Two men are sitting on a fence watching their friend being chased by a bull while he screams for help. Neither of them wants to go help him because they are too absorbed by their (no doubt exquisitely delicious) Taco Bell nachos. "Not it," they say back and forth as their friend gets gored by the bull. Ha, ha.

I mean, obviously this is supposed to be funny, right? But what's funny about it? Funny to watch your friend get almost killed? Funny because you value $1.99 food-like product more than a person? I really don't get it.

Another commercial I hate - from several years ago. A woman is taking a picture of her husband sitting on their new car. "A little further," she keeps prompting him, over and over, until he falls off the car and she smiles, "Perfect" and snaps the picture of just the car. URRRGH! Yes, let's all remember what's important in life - the inanimate object that doesn't love you back.

I hope I don't sound too curmudgeonly, but the values that these supposedly funny commercials are promoting are just insidiously degrading. Basically, "I got mine and I don't care about you." And of course, those are just two relatively light examples - I'm not even getting into political advertisements (change the channel), pharmaceutical ads (sickening) or car ads (ridiculous!).

How about you - any particular commercials that just make you retch?


Wendy said...

The point of any commercial is to get me to spend my money, and most of them insult my intelligence as a thinking human being and just assume I'm a consumer without regard to the world around me. They all make me retch, which is why I stopped watching television. I couldn't stand the commercials.

And once I stopped watching regularly, and then, went back for a peek, I watched for a half hour, got so irritated by the commercials, and finally just turned it off. It wasn't worth the irritation.

We cut our cable a couple of months ago. And that was that. We're all much more relaxed now ;). I don't miss it ... ever!

Chile said...

Agreed. I hate these commercials that show "friends" and "family" taking advantage of each other. It just fosters the self-centered rude attitudes so pervasive today.

One commercial I hate, in this vein, is the one showing that a bank machine can easily take checks or cash for deposits. A guy asks his friend for 20 bucks and demonstrates that the machine takes cash. Then he walks off, making no effort to reimburse his friend.

The drug commercials always annoy me, too. Have you noticed how many have death as a possible "side effect"?!

Eileen said...

Nothing lately because I jettisoned my TV over it a few years. I trust my friends on Facebook to share the really good ones... ;)

knutty knitter said...

Ads for tampons/sanitary products/viagra lookalikes at so called child friendly hours - try explaining any of that to a curious and persistent 7 year old!

We only watch the odd program now - just not worth it mostly.

viv in nz

Kate said...

I don't mean to be crude or holier than thou, but complaining about tv commercials seems to me a lot like complaining about a hair in a shit sandwich. The catch of course is that it's a shit sandwich the viewer makes for themselves.

I kinda get your points here, and I kinda don't. I haven't had a tv for many years. So it's a little boggling to me when people complain about either the low quality of the shows or the commercials. (And btw, I agree with Wendy that the point of all advertising is to get me to spend money, which I resent hugely. And also like Wendy, I don't miss it AT ALL.) No one *needs* to watch tv. If it's not working for you, why do it at all?

straker said...

Here is one for Hummer that I particularly hate, because it targets my GenX demographic.

Here is a similar Godzilla themed one:

Anonymous said...

If you can't explain body functions to your kids or don't appreciate the values shown - turn it off.

Its not their fault for offering - its you who opens and swallows.

knutty knitter said...

Oh I'll explain alright - and then get had up for sexual abuse cos they know stuff inappropriate for their age.