Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Indoor wasteland

My husband works for a large retail firm, at their headquarters, which also happens to be the location of their distribution and warehousing center.

Today, he took a tour of their new warehouse, which is, he told me, approximately the size of 20 football fields put together. Right now, it's completely empty since it has only recently been completed and is now awaiting massive influxes of imported goods. My husband described the warehouse as "the size of the one at the end of Indiana Jones. You almost can't even see the other end of it."

My husband reported that touring the warehouse started to depress him. A very abnormal state of mind for my level-hearted hubby! He said, "I started to think about the frog you found buried in your garden yesterday, living 8 inches underground. The land the warehouse covered - it used to be an ecosystem. How many frogs and animals were destroyed by being covered with concrete?" A heart-wrenching thought, if you let it get to you.

I had a similar reaction as he was talking about the warehouse, but my reaction concerned energy. What kind of insane amount of energy will it take to produce and ship these tchotchkes and kitsches from all around the world? What kind of use is that for our ancient sunlight, when we should be preserving needed energy for future generations, using it to transition to a sustainable future, frugally deciding the best and highest use for that spectacular inheritance of oil?

Instead, we just waste that precious gift, or curse, or both, in a gluttony of consumption.


Theresa said...

It just makes you shake your head, doesn't it. The same thing goes on here - so much delusion.

Steve in Hungary said...

I always read your blog when I see an new post Peak Oil HausFrau. I thinks this is the first time I have commented - can't remember due to the alcohol ;)

I found that post very sad. Quite disturbing actually. Why can humanity not wake up to the fact that Business As Usual is destorying the whole world even as we watch.

We have had a new hatching of frogs this year - thousands of them. Hoppity, hoppity everywhere you go. Every footfall sees them scattering in all directions. They get in my little house. I just evict them gently back into the garden.

Peak Oil Hausfrau said...

Steve - Yes, especially after just the other day digging up that little frog in my garden and being so worried that I might have hurt him. I wouldn't be surprised if hundreds or thousands of frogs were killed building that warehouse. And of course, that's just ONE warehouse!!