Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dear Universe

Sometimes, when I awake at 4 am as if a shot of adrenaline has been applied to my heart a la' Pulp Fiction, I try to transcend my frustration and say a little prayer instead. And it goes a little something like this:

Dear Universe,
Although I am currently in the wretched embrace of insomnia,
which I apparently inherited from my mother,
that's not such a bad health-related inheritance as such things go,
especially when compared to breast cancer or schizophrenia,
although according to some research it does make me easy prey for a host of other health-related ailments,
I want to tell you that
Grateful to be lying here,
on my comfortable non-toxic latex mattress,
on my soft clean sheets,
and a glass of potable water in easy reach,
with my husband snoring softly instead of like a jackhammer,
and my blackout curtains that my mother-in-law sewed me for Christmas last year blocking the infernal streetlight located in my backyard,
and an appropriately-sized, firm pillow for my head.
Thank You.
And despite the fact that You are about to rain down
a vast and terrible furor
of resource and ecological limitations upon us,
I realize this crisis is due to our own freewill,
which has manifested as shortsighted stupidity,
prodigious procreative ability,
and excessive rapaciousness,
and that You have also given us the capacity
for creativity, self-restraint, and cooperation
if we choose to use these skills
on a path of energy descent and balance.
And so although I cannot sleep though not for lack of trying,
and fear imminent doom in some as-yet unforeseen fashion,
though probably not a 2,000 foot tall marshmallow man,
I am grateful that at least for now I have these small comforts,
and food and water and a warm home,
and my health,
and the health of my family.
Thank You.


Sharlene T. said...

You were given insomnia to produce such a beautiful recognition of your presence on this earth. More importantly, thank you for sharing it.

oil said...

thanks ....

Raye said...

Somewhere on the east coast, there is another human being, similarly wakened by who-knows-what, focusing on the blessings of enough to eat, good water, warm sweet cats, a roof over her head . . . . thanks for the post.

Aimee said...

Practicing gratefulness (and it is practice) has helped me to live in a way that is less terrified and aimless and more productive and peaceful... it hasn't sured my insomnia nor has it one whit altered my fears about the future, but it has brought me serenity and a measure of faith that whatever the future brings, it will surely bring things to be grateful for.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful prayer. And the giggle re: marshmallow man.

Wendy said...

Marshmallow man ... lol!

I say a similar prayer ... without the Ghostbusters reference ;).

Chris said...

Now I think I have to put more substance in my prayers. ;-)

I thought you were about to recite environmental statistics already. ;-)

Peak Oil Hausfrau said...

Glad to hear from you other insomniacs!

Chris - when I am laying awake for two hours, there is a lot of time for prayer. I don't have to rush. :)