Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Prairie Rose Permaculture

One of our Oklahoma City resident expert permaculturists, Bob Waldrop, has formed a new venture - Prairie Rose Permaculture. He is offering his first class, the Kitchen Permaculture Online Workshop, starting February 28th. The class will run 10 weeks, and will cover broad subjects such as frugality, health and nutrition, resilience, social justice, community, and education.

Each week, Bob will cover a design topic, a food type, a food preparation style, a food related technique, and a food source. The tuition looks reasonable (check out the pdf) and there are three different levels of participation available.

Bob is a truly interesting guy. He is the President of the OK Food Cooperative, the founder of a Catholic social justice organization, one of the founders of the Oklahoma Sustainability Network, and a dedicated permaculturist. He has worked for years to transform his house and property to a permacultured system. In fact, I had the opportunity to participate in the permaculture workshop that contributed to his home/garden design (about four years ago).

I also had the opportunity to participate in a "Plan C" workshop that Bob put together a few years ago to discuss how we / the city might approach a fast-crash disaster scenario. I loved hearing about ideas for preparation and response as a community, and I was also able to show off my beloved Sun Oven! Here is a list of printable flyers that Bob put together in the event of such a disaster.

Since I've never taken the course, I can't vouch for it, but it certainly looks like an interesting new approach to permaculture!

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