Monday, June 14, 2010

Mother Earth Award Belated Acceptance Speech

I was honored over the weekend by the Oklahoma Sustainability Network, who presented me with the 2010 Mother Earth award for Sustainability Education, in recognition of Peak Oil Hausfrau and my work with Transition OKC. Naturally, I had no prepared remarks and so I mumbled something ridiculous about thanks and please head over to for more information about Transition.

Please, forgive me my deer-in-the-headlights moment, because what I meant to say was THIS:


First, thanks to my nominating committee of Shauna Struby and Vicki Rose, who spent a significant amount of time on my nomination. Knowing that you cared enough to write such lovely things about me is just as important to me as a formal award. Thanks to Shauna for reading my blog and recognizing that I was itching to get out behind from my computer and into the community. All it took was an invitation.

Next thanks to my wonderful husband, whose support, encouragement and (ahem) income allow me to spend so much time doing something so financially unproductive. Much like having a child, writing a blog and starting an unfunded non-profit community project are very rewarding, but not monetarily. Dear hubby has also never complained once about the dust bunnies that accumulate while I write (shhh - don't tell him they're there!).

Thanks to my only child, who despite not actually helping me with either of my projects, is very motivational. When my son was born, I realized that I held his life in my hand with my decisions. Should I prepare for the certainty of declining energy and economic turmoil? Or should I stick my head in the sand and embrace the pleasant fiction that all will be well without any personal effort to insulate my family against rising food and energy prices, uncertain food supply chains and unemployment? The responsibility for my son inspired me to greater heights of preparation.

Thanks to the bloggers and others who have listed me on their sites, including Crunchy Chicken, Sharon Astyk, Chile Chews, and Energy Bulletin, and all the other people who have listed me on their blogrolls, given me or nominated me for an award (i.e. Uber-Amazing, Fun to Read, Sunshine Blogger, Environmental Nutjob), posted a link to my site, Tweeted / Facebooked me, or just told a friend to visit. I appreciate you for spreading the word - and I enjoy reading your blogs as well!

And finally, thanks to you, my readers. Sitemeter informs me that people are visiting, whether or not they leave comments (HINT ;)). I started this blog as a way to help people by sharing information about the things I've learned in my preparation for peak oil - about solar cooking, gardening, useful books, rainwater tanks, food storage, paying down debt, etc. But it is also a platform for harsh reality checks, a forum to debate and share ideas, and a place to support each other in our transitions to a vastly different way of work, play, and living.

Dear readers, in the last two years, I hope I've amused you:

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offered some inspiration:

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caused a controversy or shared a different perspective:

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provided a helpful resource:
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and perhaps even interested you enough to read a reaaaaaaaally long post (one of my claims to notoriety):
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Thanks again to everyone! I appreciate your help, support, ideas, and recognition!


Sharlene T. said...

Well, congratulations to you! What a wonderful award to receive...I agree with it wholeheartedly... love your blog and your postings... you are truly an inspiration... come visit when you can

Twitter: SolarChief

Peak Oil Hausfrau said...

Thanks ST - I saw your post this mornign on bread - will come in handy if the sun ever shines again here. ;)

Theresa said...

Congratulations! You surely deserve this award. I'm so glad there are people like you doing this good work in the world.

Chile said...

Wow, a real life award, not just one of those blogosphere ones! Congratulations on getting recognition for all you do. Keep up the good work!

Deanna said...

Congratulations on your award. It was so nice to meet you at the conference. I blogged about the conference here:

There's a picture of you. :)

Survival Mama said...

Congratulations on an award you can put on the mantle!
I came across your site a few months ago, after MY son was born. I was terrified by the doomsday predictions and overwhelmed by all the "prepping" that highlighted firearms prep most of all.

Your Day in the Life series felt like a breath of fresh air and made sense out of the overwhelming information out there for a noob. It also gave me hope that while things may get bad, they probably wont become survivialist in cammo jacket bad.

Peak Oil Hausfrau said...

Chile, Theresa, Deanna - thanks!

Survival Mama - Thanks! Day in the Life was my attempt to share the possiblity for a good, if not necessarily as easy or comfortable or consumerist, life. I think it's possible, but that it will take a lot of work as individuals and communities to make it turn out that way.