Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wheat Berry Buckets: The gift that keeps on giving

Need a last-minute Christmas gift? Do you happen to have perhaps one too many 25-pound buckets of wheat berries laying around? Why then, you're all set! I admit that wheat berry buckets might not be the first thing that jumps to mind when you think "special holiday present," but here's my list of why WBBs are the perfect gift:

5. You can breathe a little easier knowing your friend / family member now has a start on food storage. Wheat berries can store for 20 - 30 years if kept properly protected; and 25 pounds of wheat berries ground into whole wheat flour can make about 75 loaves of bread. Not only can you grind the berries into flour, you can cook them like rice and even sprout them for extra nutritional value.

4. Although a WBB won't fit in a stocking, it is about the same price as a stocking stuffer.

3. You can't wait to see the priceless look on your brother's face when he realizes what his very large present actually is.

2. The buckets are reuseable: use them to carry compost, as an emergency sanitation station, to mix grout, or to catch shower water for your garden!

And the number one reason is...

1. They definitely DON'T already have one.

All joking aside, I brought a WBB to a Dirty Santa party and it was THE most stolen gift. Nine times, by four different people, by my count. The party was a Transition OKC party, with people who actually know what wheat berries are, but still - that's pretty popular! So, if you do have a family member who keeps meaning to start storing food, but just never gets around to it... or an adventurous friend with a yearning to find ways to cook more whole grains... well, you know what to do.


SharleneT said...

Done! I used to do the Winter Red Wheat when raising my family and just got away from it... Shame on me... Will do better. I promise. Happy Holidays!

Canadian Doomer said...

I WISH someone would give me a bucket of wheat berries. Around here, it's more expensive than pre-ground flour.