Monday, July 6, 2015

Looking for (more) independence?

This post is for anyone who dreams of owning a small farm - a place to raise chickens, bees, goats, tomatoes, potatoes, and peaches with love and care. A farm large enough to keep you busy but small enough to manage; far enough away that you can leave the bustle of the city, but close enough that you can enjoy the benefits of a metropolitan area.

A 4.4 acre certified-organic farm, 45 minutes west of Oklahoma City near El Reno, is now available for purchase. Because the farm is being sold by a retiree, it includes almost everything you need to get started in a small farming operation (Everything physical, that is. Knowledge and marketing not included).

Interior of large greenhouse under production

The selling price includes:
  • 4.4 acres of farmland certified organic by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Food and Forestry,
  • An 1,100 square foot, 2 bed, 1 bath home with well-water, includes a garage and a screened-in porch and fireplace, built in 2000, 
  • A large (2880 sq. ft.) greenhouse, fully climate-controlled with irrigation system and removable shade cloth built in 2005,
  • A small (288 sq. ft) greenhouse with electric outlets and hose connection, 
  • And a variety of equipment: 2007 Craftsman Rototiller, 2007 Riding Mower, 5x8 trailer, tools and other assorted equipment, coolers and supplies (for packing and transporting food to local farmer's market or CSA customers).


Please contact John at to discuss the house, greenhouse and equipment or to enter negotiations. Full specifications are at the bottom of this post. 

Exterior of large greenhouse

Interior of 1,100 sq. ft home built in 2000

Full disclosure: This farm is for sale by my friend John Leonard and his mother, who is going into retirement. I haven't visited the farm and have no financial interest in its sale.

Full specifications:
- 4.4 acres of land certified under organic production via the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Food & Forestry.
- Fully functional well that pumps excellent quality water at 8 gallons per minute that’s tied to both the house and large greenhouse.

- House (built in 2000)
o 1,100 sq. ft. 2 bedroom, 1 bath, large adjoining living room, dining room & kitchen
Vaulted ceiling
Natural stone fireplace with mantle
Large screened in front porch
Oversized garage
Well insulated accessible attic with spacious storage ability
Electric oven, cook top, refrigerator, washer, dryer
Kitchen pantry connected to the washer and dryer room
Central HVAC with digital thermometer
Septic tank & lateral lines

Large Greenhouse (built 2005):
o 30ft. x 96ft. (2880 sq. ft.) fully climate controlled
Wadsworth Greenhouse Control System
2 large exhaust fans
Weed cloth & gravel floor
3 large tables (8ftx42ft each) and side wall bench space (4ftx42) for production
NW corner of greenhouse open for future upright crops or aquaculture
Large evaporating cooling unit
2 – 200,000 BTU heaters, 1,000 gallon propane tank
Complete irrigation system for bench, table, floor, and hanging basket type crop production
Removable shade cloth of 40% light reduction that spans the entire greenhouse

Small Greenhouse (built 2001):
o 12 ft. x 24 ft. (288 sq. ft.)
Small crop management near the house
Shelves along north & south walls and a movable shelf in the center
Electric outlets for heating, windows for cooling
Hose connection from the house for irrigation

o 2007 Craftsman Rear Tine Rototiller
o 2007 Craftsman Riding Mower
o 5x8 enclosed trailer
o 5 boxes of pint size clamshell produce containers (600 per box)
o 1 box of ½ pint size clamshell produce containers (600 per box)
o 4 large coolers
o 4 large 3 ft. x 8 ft. heavy duty tables with collapsible legs
o 9,800 sq. ft. of pre-cut, ready to plant weed fabric
o Hoes, shovels, rakes, pruners, and hand tools

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