Reports and Resources

Listed below are some of the more comprehensive and authoritative peak energy reports and resources which may help you to educate your friends and family who are willing to listen.  At some point, this section may be expanded to include resources on more of the major threats of our time -  financial and economic turmoil, resource depletion and destruction and climate change.  Please see the sidebar "Helpful Peak Oil Sites" for news and blogs.

Finance & Energy Education

Chris Martenson's The Crash Course (Finance and Oil)
Stoneleigh's presentation to Transition UK on A Century of Challenges (Finance and Oil)
* Stoneleigh's presentation is available on DVD at The Automatic Earth.

United States: Strategy
2011 Ensuring America's Freedom of Movement CNA Military Advisory Board
2011 A National Strategic Narrative Capt. Wayne Porter (Navy) and Col. Mark Mykleby (Marines)

Reports related to Peak Oil

In the past few years, more countries and institutions have become concerned about the affordability and availablity of oil, the lifeblood of our energy-intensive economy and lifestyle.  The independent reports they have commissioned are quite pessimistic.
2010 International Energy Agency World Energy Outlook *See analysis at Energy Bulletin
2010 German military think tank report
2010 Joint Operating Environment Report from the U.S. Military Joint Forces
2010 Lloyd's of London (insurance giant) report on "Sustainable Energy Security"
2010 Oxford University report "Status of Conventional Oil Reserves" (summary from Energy Bulletin)
2007 U.S. Government Accountability Office Report on Peak Oil Strategy
2005 "Hirsch Report" on the Peaking of World Oil Production commissioned by the U.S. DoE
2005 Oil Shockwave - Securing America's Energy Future and National Commission on Energy Policy

Peak Coal Reports

Once people understand peak oil, they often fall back to a default belief that the future will be dominated by cars run on natural gas or electrified to run on coal, solar and wind power.  However, several recent reports analyzing coal reserves and production predict this rosy scenario is extremely unlikely.  These reports are summarized and analyzed in Richard Heinberg's book Blackout.  Additionally, there are serious questions about the capacity of our electrical grid to support a large scale transition to electrified cars.

Natural gas may have potential as a temporary bridge or substitute fuel but I am not aware of any comprehensive reports about the substitution of nat gas for oil. 

2007 Coal:  Resources and Future Production from the Energy Watch Group
2007 The Future of Coal from the Institute for Energy prepared for the European Commission

Alternative energy

Richard Heinberg conducted a comprehensive analysis this year to determine if any combination of substitute / alternative energy sources could fill the gap left by declining oil production in Searching for a Miracle, and Robert Hirsch (lead author of the 2005 DoE Hirsch Report) releases his analysis this year in his book The Impending World Energy Mess.

As stated above, many people have an exceedingly optimistic view of our energy future and believe that ethanol, biodiesel, solar and wind power will replace oil and coal to allow a "business as usual" future.  Corn ethanol, the current favored and subsidized oil "alternative,"  has a very low (if not negative) EROEI and requires many oil inputs, while requiring large amounts of pesticides, herbicides, and aquifer water.

Solar and wind power comprise a very small percentage of energy production (less than 1%).  This is not to say that they will not be valuable, but that it is unrealistic to expect that they will make up for the energy we will be losing as oil fields begin to decline.  Additionally, solar and wind power are not direct substitutes for oil, as we do not have the infrastructure (or financing) to support a mass electrification of the existing car and truck fleet.

These movies change lives... if you can get someone to watch one.  These popular selections are often available from Netflix or from your local library.

Collapse  - Amazing to watch Michael Ruppert predict the future! (Filmed in March 2009).

End of Suburbia

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